We come from the stars…

About Us

Indigo Children Inc. facilitates the bridge upon which dreams meet their makers.

We give ideas that honor a sustainable planet, conscious culture, and human nature, a place to come alive. Indigo Children Inc. supports successful ideas by providing current & future planetary leaders proactive steps needed to design tomorrow without limitations of today.

We believe that in order to heal and rebuild the world, we must actively participate in the areas of culture, business, nonprofits, personal pursuits and collective goals.

It is not the system itself that is flawed, but the way in which it has been manipulated for personal power and individual greed. These elements have resulted in cultural monotone, consequently creating personal dissatisfaction.

Business, advertising, marketing, profit, nonprofits, and government are universal examples designed, proven to achieve goals while expressing personal creativity. We intend to take back our power, utilize the system and develop a sustainable world that doesn’t have to exist only in our dreams. We believe that we all have a choice to live life a certain way, and that our choices can be a part of solving the inherent dysfunction of personal, social, cultural and world issues.

We believe this will aid in economic abundance as green business, conscious communities, and individual and collective spirituality grows. We are here to be a part of that growth. We intentionally place ourselves in positions to support the oncoming green age of consciousness through visionary manifestation.

Indigo Children Inc. participates as a virtual and physical incubator, developmental grounds and networking through cutting edge support. Our community offers experience of the business & nonprofit world, coupled with peer to peer support services, mentorship knowledge, skills and educational information. Our services combine motivation, support and true experience for our budding entrepreneurs, nonprofits and colleagues.  Together we work hard to make the world a better place every day in over 10,000 locations around the world.

Creations here at Indigo Children Inc. are inspired and motivated by cooperation to facilitate humanity’s green chapter. By taking the green chapter to the next level, upon which we all focus on the connection between environmentalism and social sustainability. Hence,  the “indigo chapter”. We chose to work together on pilot programs with the intention to turn them into businesses, pursuits, and non-profits. Our successful model has grown to encompass hundreds of thousands of interested, skilled, motivated individuals around the globe. Our vision is to maintain a grounding force that creates dreams and jobs.

By creating businesses & nonprofits we create jobs. We pull together people, like you, with a dream they have yet to initiate. We cater to the *budding artists, the middle class hobby entrepreneur, poverty stricken individuals, world changing idealists, game changing environmentalists, inventors, the creative but presently unemployed with one common denominator: dreams that we can help come true in order to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders during this time. It is our understanding that dreams are a passionate life purpose waiting to happen; that can become successes with motivation coupled with resources, skills and knowledge.

Indigo Children Inc. plans to participate closely with the businesses we start.

Everyone needs help with their goals. Support, wisdom, and experience come from mentorship, a long lost art that we here at Indigo Children choose to reinstate. With a collaborative mentality, we provide exciting opportunities for those we support, to participate in our mentorship program where inspiration is gained, along with support, feedback and insights.

Indigo Children Inc. is here to make sure that those who came to fulfill their life’s purpose can make their dreams come true. Our unique community program hopes to achieve sustainability in business and individual life through team networking. As the world’s most creative, dedicated individuals join our community, they can connect with entrepreneurs of all generations that have stopped at nothing to have a positive impact on the world.

Starting a businesses with Indigo Children Inc. and continuing a relationship through Indigo Certification, is another step towards the type of lives we all strive to lead; ones filled with success and accomplishment in a world we can be proud to say we helped create.

Our vision is for dreamers to become self reliant individuals as we steer towards a better place: What better than one where dreams come true and sustainability is commonplace?

Our vision is to help provide resources, motivation and focus for our culture to sustain life by providing a space for the community to interact with like minded individuals working towards a common goal. We understand this will take time. Therefore, it is not a requirement that a business starts as a green company, but starts with the pledge and intention that they will attain fully ecological and socially sustainable levels when resources permit. We will monitor this via our Indigo Certification program. Like Muhammud Yunas says, “poverty will exist in the future only in museums, and the children will wonder how their parents allowed such a thing to exist.”

We here at Indigo Children Inc. believe the biggest poverty of all is that of a human deprived of their dreams. This market demand, we are here to fill.

Thank you,

Indigo Children Inc. President & CEO