We come from the stars…

“Cycles” by Krystleyez

Indigo Children is honored to offer Krystleyez original artwork in our online store and locally in Boulder, Colorado. Krystleyez is a talented, visionary artist that explores sound, shape, color and space in her beautifully detailed work. The style is best described by the artist herself;

“My paintings are explorations into multidimensional landscapes woven through intricate sacred geometries. Within the tiniest of atoms to the largest of galaxies are fundamental geometric rhythms of energy that unify Creation. Through the symbolic language of colors and shapes, I offer windows of understanding into the profound possibilities of divine harmony. My style is an ever-evolving process of quest and discovery, memory and moment, intention and intuition.” -krystleyez.com

Order Krystleyez posters and Giclees in our online store, and be on the lookout for new art to be released!


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